D'Angelico Enterprises, Inc. 

also know as Santa Fe Landscapes & Water Gardens

FAQs on Buying a Presidential Pool

Do you offer free estimates?
Yes, we offer complimentary design consultations. You can schedule one whenever you are ready to start talking about your project. You do not necessarily have to be ready to begin construction right away. To schedule a consultation, simply contact us.

What warranty do you offer?
Our general warranty covers three years on everything. After the first 24 months, there is a trip charge for the final 12 months, but all parts and labor are covered.
After the first three years, several of our products carry additional warranties on their parts. For instance, the Pebble Radiance interior offers a five year warranty on materials, and the shell of the pool has a lifetime warranty on leaking. Your consultant can review all warranties with you, and address any concerns you may have.

Do you offer pool financing? If so, what are the rates and terms?
We have an in-house financing department that can work with you to secure appropriate financing.
As you might expect, rates and terms are dependent on your credit score and the type of financing you choose.

What are your specials?
We run special offers from time to time, depending on the season and what savings our amazing vendors are willing to give us to pass on to our customers.

Will I get a better deal by building a pool in the offseason?
Building a pool in the offseason is not necessarily cheaper, but your project can generally be completed faster (less demand = more availability) - as long as Mother Nature does not intervene.

How do we pay for our pool?
A down payment should never be more than 15% with any pool company in Arizona. We generally require a $500 downpayment unless scale and/or materials being ordered require a larger downpayment.

The pool building payment schedule has been set up and mandated through statutes in the state of Arizona. The payment schedule is in stages and consists of a 25%-25%-25%-25% payment schedule. Payments are due after the completion of excavation, shotcrete, and decking. The final 25% is due once the pool has passed final inspection and is ready for its interior finish.

What effects the price of my pool the most?
Any large features that you add will affect the price greatly. Water features such as grotto slides and large waterfalls, spas, shade structures, swim-up bars, etc. all add to cost. Also, decking and hardscapes of the backyard environment also add greatly to cost.

Will there be a specific person over-seeing my project?
Yes, you will have a Project Manager dedicated to your pool. You will also be able to track the progress of your pool via our online tracking system.